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Toula Oberlies Creative Arts Fund

The Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation is proud to announce a new capital campaign that will establish and drive financial support towards the Toula Oberlies Creative Arts Fund, an endowed fund in honor of the legacy of long-time IBCF Board Member, Toula Oberlies. Beginning in 2022, this fund will provide students ages 3-22 at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ISBVI) with once in a lifetime opportunities to uniquely experience creative arts both on or off campus, including but not limited to music, art, writing, dance, and theater. Because creativity opens the hearts and minds of both participants and audience members and because Toula's life has exemplified an enormous passion for both the creative arts and the students of ISBVI, this fund is a fitting tribute to her and a promise to current and future ISBVI students that their lives will be enriched by experiences that spark, sustain, and inspire creativity for generations to come.

Learn more about this fund and Toula’s connection to our students by clicking on the video below.


IBCF - Toula Oberlies Creative Arts Fund from IN Blind Children's Foundation on Vimeo.



Join us in the inaugural year of raising financial support towards the Toula Oberlies Creative Arts Fund, to ensure students at ISBVI have access to a multitude of creative experiences. Your donation of any level will launch new creative opportunities that will ignite students’ artistic passions, boost development, and build self-esteem in children with visual impairments. Your support today will help us establish this endowed fund, have immediate impact in the 2022 spring school semester, and on generations of students to come. 



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