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25th anniversary of the IBCF

Dear friend of the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation,

We invite you to celebrate a special occasion: the 25th anniversary of the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation (IBCF). In 1993, the IBCF was founded as the philanthropic arm of the 170-year-old Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ISBVI), and charged with the mission of investing in children with visual impairments so each child may thrive in school and in daily life. On May 25th we graduate 9 young people, the most recent class of the more than 300 students who’ve graduated since 1993.

The journey for each of those young people has been as unique as they are – whether they needed to learn life skills, become fully prepared to undertake advanced college work, or grieve their vision loss and learn other ways to see. Since 1993, IBCF has been a part of each journey. You, through your generous gifts, have been our partners. Together, we have supported opportunities like ISBVI’s Expand Your Horizons summer camp; the Braille Challenge national competition; made life-changing assistive technology available to more students; enhanced the music and arts programs; helped provide job training and skills through the STEP program; and expanded the sports and wellness opportunities.

Last year’s valedictorian, Chris, from Merrillville, started at ISBVI in 2nd grade in the short course and became a fulltime residential student when he was a 5th grader. He is now completing his freshman year at IUPUI, majoring in Biomedical Engineering with an emphasis on increasing the human lifespan via research on the cell aging process. Why? “Because there’s so much I want to do,” says Chris. “80 years of living won’t be enough time.”

Chris credits, first of all, the “great staff at ISBVI. One thing I loved were the close relationships.” He feels that learning relationship skills by living in the dorm “with everyone else” was as important as his academic classes and Orientation and Mobility training. But each person and each experience at ISBVI played a part in helping Chris become the person he is at this point. What does Chris say to current and future students at ISBVI? “Have ambitions. Make plans. Stay motivated.”

Chris’s words capture the reasons IBCF exists. Will you consider a donation to help ensure the future of more students like Chris? Every gift matters.

Thank you for your support!