By: Seth Johnson

From the moment they started caring for patients, Little Eyes Pediatric Eye Care has been a dedicated supporter of the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation.

Dr. Schuetz and Dr. Wilson pose for a fun photo with fellow members of the Little Eyes team. Everyone in the photo is seen jumping in the air with arms outstretched, as they smile gleefully.“We wanted to make sure we had a partnership with the community when we started off, and we thought, ‘Well what better way than making a donation on behalf of Little Eyes to your awesome organization for every pair of glasses that’s sold.’ Since the very first pair of glasses we ever sold, we’ve been contributing to you,” says Dr. Jeremy Ciano, whose 4-year-old son inspired him to start Little Eyes.

As Ciano explains, Little Eyes makes a donation to IBCF with every pair of glasses they sell. At the end of every month, their office then writes a check to IBCF in support of the foundation’s cause

“We had a passion for kids, and then once we learned about the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation, we wanted to make sure we were doing something that also promoted you guys,” says Dr. Katherine Schuetz of Little Eyes.

Over the years, Little Eyes staff members have attended several IBCF events, which have given them an even greater understanding of the lives their impacting.

“The ability to go and tour the school is always super profound and powerful,” Schuetz says. “Having a better understanding of the practical challenges the students have makes us all the more fervent in trying to fundraise and support IBCF. There’s a lot of need for very specific tools for these students, and we want to do our part to help them get through in whatever way we can.”

While raising funds for IBCF, Little Eyes staff have also volunteered their time to the foundation. As a matter of fact, Little Eyes Dr. Hannah Wilson joined the IBCF board just last summer.

“I just wanted to do more and become more involved as I learned more about IBCF,” Wilson says. “The mission is so great and something we at Little Eyes are passionate about.”

As he reflects on Little Eyes’ longstanding partnership with IBCF, Dr. Ciano ultimately explains that the foundation aligns perfectly with his three main passions.

“You really hit on the three biggest passions in my life: supporting local, children, and the eyes,” Ciano says. “To be able to support a local organization that’s helping children with visual impairments really hits all three of those major categories. It’s just awesome to partner with you guys.”

Little Eyes Pediatric Eye Care is located at 1372 S. Rangeline Rd. in Carmel. Learn more about their pediatric optometry services by visiting



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