By: Seth Johnson

We would like to thank the outgoing IBCF executive board leadership for their steadfast service over the past two years! As they move on from their leadership roles, these five excellent individuals will still remain on the IBCF board continuing to bring our mission to life.

A graphic features photos of IBCF's outgoing and incoming board leadership. On the top, text reads "2021-2023 Outgoing IBCF Executive Board Leadership". Below, we see photos from left to right of Becca Hopson (President), Kristina Davis Smith (Vice President), Michael Parent (Treasurer), Stephanie Jackson (Secretary), and Amanda Black (Assistant Treasurer). The IBCF logo is displayed in the middle of this graphic. On the graphic's lower half, text reads "2023-2025 Incoming IBCF Executive Board Leadership". Below, we see photos from left to right of Michael Parent (President), Kim Borges (Vice President), Chris Munoz (Treasurer), and Kelly Alexiou (Secretary).

Thank you:

Becca Hopson, Outgoing Board President

Kristina Davis Smith, Outgoing Board Vice President

Michael Parent, Outgoing Treasurer

Stephanie Jackson, Outgoing Secretary

Amanda Black, Outgoing Assistant Treasurer

Prior to serving as IBCF Board President from 2021 to 2023, Becca Hopson served as IBCF Board Vice President from 2019 to 2021. In this timespan, she’s seen the foundation overcome several obstacles to continue pushing its mission forward.

“These past four years in executive leadership, has been complex in ways that no one could have imagined,” Hopson says. “I'm honored to be with a foundation, and part of a leadership team that has been focused on forward thinking while shining light on our mission from a deep place of purpose.”

Hopson continues, “There have been so many initiatives that I'm proud to be a part of with IBCF. To name a few - setting in motion an emergency technology campaign that was launched shortly after the pandemic shut everything down, supporting the first Board peer-to-peer fundraising campaign in 2021, and our commitment to making an impact through diversity, equity, inclusion, and access. We have grown as a foundation, and we continue to better understand how to integrate accessibility and belonging for the whole person, navigate systems within education and individual resources for those we serve around the state, and build a strong, expansive community. IBCF has great momentum, and I'm looking forward to these next years to come and deepening IBCF's impact in our community.”

A new slate of IBCF board officers now begin their two-year executive leadership term following in the footsteps of the previous leadership team. These individuals include:

Michael Parent, Board President

Kim Borges, Board Vice President

Chris Munoz, Treasurer

Kelly Alexiou, Secretary

In his new role as Board President, Michael Parent looks forward to reaching even more children and their families through the work of IBCF.

“It’s a privilege to be chosen as the next IBCF Board President,” Parent says. “Over the past five years of witnessing the transformational impact the Foundation has had on hundreds of blind and low vision children in Central Indiana and throughout our State, I am thankful to be able to be a part of our exciting future. With the collective effort of our staff, board, ISBVI, and our incredible donors, we will continue to invest in children with visual impairments so they can thrive in school and daily life.”




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