By: Seth Johnson

Since 2017, Huntington Bank has worked to push the mission of the Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation forward, helping to fill key roles on the IBCF board while also making regular financial contributions to the foundation.

Former Huntington employee and current IBCF board member Chris Munoz is seen at the 2022 Senior Banquet, as he gives a 2022 senior his senior gift basket on behalf of IBCF. Both Chris and the ISBVI senior are sharply dressed.As the Indiana Market President, Scott Ransburg emphasizes that Huntington Bank ultimately strives to be much more than just a bank.

“Our mission is to make people’s lives better, help businesses thrive, and strengthen the communities that we serve,” Ransburg says. “We not only like to help and support where we can financially, but I think it’s really important for us to roll up our sleeves and be in the community. So it’s not uncommon that you’ll see a bunch of green shirts out at a food bank or being extremely active on boards.”

Although no longer an employee of the bank, current IBCF board president Michael Parent first joined the IBCF board during his time at Huntington. After visiting the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired for a tour, Parent immediately became aware of the foundation’s importance and has served on the IBCF board ever since.

“You go out there, you see the facilities, you meet the kids, and you just want to get involved,” Parent says.

Much like Parent, Chris Munoz also joined the IBCF board while employed by Huntington Bank. Although he’s since moved onto another role in the field of finance, Munoz remains passionate about the mission of IBCF while also serving as the current board treasurer.

“What’s kept me involved is the people,” Munoz says. “It’s the idea that what we’re doing is making a huge difference with kids.”

When asked why he’s proud to support the mission of IBCF, Ransburg specifically cites the recent work that was done by the No Limits Leadership Club to help make Conner Prairie more accessible.

“Laura, IBCF executive director, provides great leadership there,” Ransburg says. “It’s really neat to see what IBCF does as far as helping people learn.”



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