By: Seth Johnson

The picture shows a smiling woman standing in the center of a greenhouse surrounded by a variety of colorful flowers and plants. She is wearing a blue t-shirt with a plant-themed design and black pants. Her hair is pulled back, and she has a lanyard with a badge around her neck. The greenhouse has a transparent roof, allowing natural light to shine through, and the plants are arranged on shelves and hanging baskets, creating a vibrant and lush environment. There is a concrete floor with a pathway for walking, and a red hose can be seen on the right side of the path. The overall atmosphere is bright and cheerful.With April being National Gardening Month, we at IBCF wanted to shine a light on ISBVI horticulture teacher Carmen Breedlove!

With more than 25 years of teaching experience, Breedlove was drawn to her role at ISBVI because it combines her lifelong love of gardening with her passion for teaching.

“I wanted to inspire high school kids,” Breedlove says when asked about why she was drawn to her role at ISBVI. “I had a really hard time learning in high school, and I wanted to be the teacher I never had.”

“The greenhouse is also gorgeous,” she adds. “When I walked in here, I cried because I was so excited about it.”

Having now been at ISBVI for almost a full school year, she couldn’t be happier with her current situation.

“I feel like I’ve been here forever — the staff are the most genuine people I’ve ever worked with,” Breedlove says. “I just feel like I’m supposed to be here.”





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