By: Seth Johnson

The Indiana Blind Children’s Foundation (IBCF) is excited to announce that local nonprofit Quest for Excellence has donated $25,000 towards the build of an adaptive kitchen for students at Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ISBVI).

After hearing from students on gaps in programming at ISBVI in 2023, IBCF began raising money for this adaptive kitchen, which will also coincide with the birth of a brand-new culinary arts program at ISBVI.

The picture shows a smiling woman with glasses, standing indoors. She has curly, light brown hair pulled back, and is wearing a dark floral-patterned shirt over a purple top. She is holding a small bouquet of flowers that includes yellow and purple blooms. The background appears to be a window with a view of an outdoor area with green grass and a building structure.Upon meeting with IBCF executive director Laura Alvarado and learning about the students’ desire for a culinary arts program, Quest for Excellence president Patti Foltz says she was 100% on board with donating funds towards the adaptive kitchen’s buildout.

“I thought it was pretty cool that they asked the kids what was important to them and what they wanted more of,” Foltz says. “A lot of them said they wanted to learn how to cook, and I thought, ‘Well, that’s important. Ask them what they feel is lacking right now and what their wish list would be.’ I was impressed by that.”

Foltz was also happy to hear that the adaptive kitchen will eventually move from IPS School 94 to the newly renovated, co-located campus for ISBVI and Indiana School for the Deaf.

“Laura and I talked about the new construction and how the adaptive kitchen was a big part of that — that it was going to be constructed so that when the new school is finished it could be relocated to the new, permanent facility,” Foltz said. “I thought that was very important.”

In reflecting on why Quest for Excellence continues to support IBCF and ISBVI, Foltz says it all comes back to the school and its impact on the students.

“Overall, ISBVI is a tremendous asset to these kids,” Foltz says. “I think that it equips them to go out in the world and live a fulfilling, successful life. They’re blessed to be there — they truly are. So anything I can do to help make that more successful…I’m happy to do so.”

Make a donation to the adaptive kitchen buildout today by following this link.





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