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Pansies for Mother’s Day

By IBCF Board Member, Toula Oberlies

Date: 7/3/2017

Hollyhock Hill restaurant, our neighbors up the road on College Ave., approached us with a wonderful proposition for a partnership between their establishment and the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. They wanted to carry special flowers grown, nurtured, and arranged in an assortment of pretty coffee cups by ISBVI students in the Greenhouse Program, in their restaurant on Mother’s Day. The Greenhouse Program, run by Ms. Elizabeth Garvey, quickly got to work, and within a week, some very pretty arrangements were created by our students and greenhouse volunteers. Hollyhock Hill purchased 75 of these beautiful arrangements, featured them on their tables as centerpieces, and sold them on Mother’s Day. We understand they were a big hit!

This partnership mutually benefited ISBVI and Hollyhock Hill. Our students helped to beautify the restaurant and as a result of the purchases, many homes in the Indianapolis metro area, thus spreading the word about the school’s amazing program. The financial support gained from this purchase has gone right back into the Greenhouse Program.

Look for flowers from ISBVI to be featured at Hollyhock Hill again in the fall, when students in the Greenhouse Program will create centerpiece arrangements for each table at Thanksgiving. They too will be for sale. We thank Hollyhock Hill and their proprietors for their support of ISBVI and our kids!



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