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A Golf Event in March?

Date 1/15/19

What, you say? Given our record of weather-related postponements of our annual golf event when we've scheduled it in the summer, how can we possibly think it's a good idea to try it in March? The answer: It's still golf, but with a whole new twist we think you'll love! So put Sunday, March 10 on your calendar, and get ready for IBCF's Topgolf Family Fun(draising) Event. It's competitive. It's fun for the whole family. It's a sport you can enjoy whether you're an aspiring golf pro or whether you're picking up a club for the first time. It’s accessible to the population we serve – that is, easily adaptable for those who are blind or have low vision. Best of all, you play in climate-controlled bays, so you can play in any weather - even if it snows! Stay tuned!

Registration Has Closed for this Event