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Braille Book Fair - Thank You, Ossip Optometry!

Date 1/15/19

In early March, ISBVI will host the Indiana Regional division of the international Braille Challenge for the 11th year, a wonderful competitive event that's completely funded by donations from supporters of the IBCF. This year, thanks to a generous gift from Ossip Optometry, we will also be able to include a Braille Book Fair, modeled in many ways after the book fairs Scholastic has offered for many years to sighted children. With input from some of our students, a dedicated group of ISBVI parents, teachers and staff, as well as board and staff members from the IBCF we have been working hard to flesh out the logistics of making a catalogue and order forms available in both text and Braille for students to submit their top six book choices. Thanks to the support from Ossip, IBCF will be purchasing Braille books our students most want to read (the same kinds of books their sighted peers want to read, only larger and much more expensive) based on their book wish-lists. Each Braille Challenger will receive three books in Braille to take home and continue their love of reading throughout the year. Our deepest thanks to Ossip for their incredible support and for making the joy of choosing books available to all children!



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