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Goalball Tournament at Butler University's HRC

Date 1/15/19

Butler Univ. Goalball TournamentOn November 5, the Butler B.I.G.S. (Bulldog Initiative for a Generous Society) hosted their first Goalball Tournament alongside the ISBVI Goalball team. Goalball came into being just after World War II, and is a sport specifically developed for people who are blind or have low vision. All players wear blindfolds, and it is a fast-paced and competitive sport. Cara Burchett, ISBVI gym teacher, and the ISBVI Goalball team served as mentors for the players recruited by Butler B.I.G.S. and from the Butler Chapter of Delta Gamma, all of whom were trying the sport for the very first time. A great time was had by all!

While our partnership with the Butler B.I.G.S. is new, our school has had a long and meaningful partnership with the young women of the Delta Gamma sorority. In addition to substantial fundraising (over $9K raised in 2018!), these incredible young women volunteer at ISBVI to do various activities with the students like tutoring, game nights, and assist with the IBCF annual Gala. In addition, the ISBVI students visit the Delta Gamma house throughout the year for parties and dinner, and form supportive friendships with college students while still in high school. 



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