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Date 3/18/20

I know your email inbox has most likely been inundated with information about closures, social distancing, and the financial impact of the COVID-19 situation. No doubt, we are in for some uncharted territory as we all experience day to day updates and information from around the world. As social distancing becomes a part of our new normal over the next few weeks or even months, the IBCF Board of Directors and I feel strongly about staying connected to our community.

We realize that the foundation has become, in many ways, a window into what is happening at the Indiana School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (ISBVI). Currently ISBVI, like many other schools in our community, has closed its doors until April 5th. ISBVI leadership is looking at ways to keep students engaged and learning while at home, however there isn't a one size fits all answer. E-learning for ISBVI students can be challenging as the majority of our families do not have access to assistive technology at home.

My goal over the coming weeks is to simply inform, reflect, and show gratitude for what we have accomplished together over the years through your support. I believe strongly, now more than ever, this is a good time to remind ourselves who we have been fighting for and why. What better way to do this than through video!

IBCF started a partnership years ago with media partner, 12 Stars Media, to help us communicate our story more effectively using the power of video. These videos feature the programs, students, and families we support. They also showcase the five investment areas at the school that we believe help children with visual impairments grow both academically and socially to find success. Those investment areas are; access technology, arts and music, career development, family engagement, and health and wellness programs.

According to the Americans for the Arts, "Artistic activities directly exercise and strengthen the cognitive and physical skills that generally challenge children with specific needs such as oral, tactile, visual, sensory, and motor skills." The arts play a crucial role in connecting people, communicating ideas, and shaping the world around us. It seemed only fitting to utilize our arts and music video first to showcase the amazing arts programs at ISBVI and connect us all.


IBCF Arts and Music Video from IN Blind Children's Foundation on

Click on the picture above to watch the video about the Arts at ISBVI.