Dear IBCF Supporters,

The last week has been a time for reflection for all of us at the Foundation. Our efforts as an organization over the last 27 years have always been focused on educational equity and inclusion for all children impacted by visual impairments. We represent a community of individuals of diverse abilities, races, ethnicities, and religion. Our hearts go out to the family of George Floyd and all black people who have suffered unjust violence and attacks. Now is the time to stand alongside the black community in solidarity. We hear you, we see you, and we are listening. Black Lives Matter.

Our efforts over this last year through our No Limits programming have been focused on empowering youth to lead and create improved access for those with visual impairments and disabilities throughout our community. However, now more than ever, race will play more of a role in how we move the conversation of inclusion forward. We believe that learning never stops. Education is a way to create change, but only if that education presents many viewpoints and experiences. We vow to ensure our Leadership Club students hear from black leaders in our community and that our black students have more opportunities to share their truth. We will invest in future programs and educational efforts at ISBVI that reflect and include diverse voices and approaches. We will continue our efforts towards diversifying our Board and staff.

While we understand that this is the beginning of our actions, we recognize as an organization that these efforts must continue to grow and evolve. A well-balanced education is key to our students’ success. However, learning must never really stop no matter your age. As I have forged conversations with my own daughters about the incidents of racial inequity and injustice brought on by recent acts of violence this past week, I find myself looking to resources that help facilitate the conversation. While I do not pretend to have all the answers, I know this. Our children are watching and listening. They have questions, some of which are difficult to answer. I realize now more than ever that we are on a journey together and recognizing that is a start towards a better more inclusive community.


Laura Alvarado
Executive Director



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